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The linkers sold on our site are great tools to optimize the functionality of your Nintendo DS and DSL and increase your satisfaction of using your portable console.

However, some of you may be tempted to divert the first use of linkers for the purpose of hacking ROM, we strongly condemn this practice is totally illegal and liable to prosecution. Encourages all our customers to respect the laws concerning piracy and disclaim any liability for fraudulent use of linkers that we sell.

You have the right to copy software / games that if you have the original (create a backup copy). For the non-compliance with this text and the laws that relate (available below) you are guilty of violation of the Intellectual Property Code. Can not be held responsible for illegal use (piracy) carried by one of its customers! The buyer or holder of one or more products listed is solely responsible for its use (it) in fact.

European Directorate 91/250 OF 10-05-1991

Article 5 (excerpt) A person entitled to use the computer program can not be prevented by contract to make a backup copy insofar as it is necessary for that use.

List of texts relating to backups (this list is not exhaustive, and case law are not mentioned): A122-4, 122-5, 122-6, 122-6-1, 122-6 -2, 122-7, 131-3, R335-1, R335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code. European Directive 91/250 and 92/100 of 10/05/91 of 19/11/92.
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