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General Terms and Conditions of Sale General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Article 1 : General information

The general conditions of sale contained herein apply to all products and services sold exclusively through the website They define the rights and obligations of the parties reserves the right to modify at any given moment the content and form of these general conditions of sale.

Please note that we only sell and distribute our products only within Switzerland, Monaco and continental Europe.

Article 2 : About us

DirectElectronique GmbH with headquarters located in Renens is the operator of this website, you will find our Legal Notice.

Article 3 : Orders

Once the desired product is selected, it is placed in the "shopping cart" by the button "Add to Cart". The customer may then continue his selection of products, modify his shopping cart or proceed with the payment of the order in a secure environment through a HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).
The confirmation of the order by the customer serves as acceptation of the general conditions of sale. Once the order validated and paid, the customer receives by e-mail a confirmation of his order.

Article 4 : Price

Prices listed are in Euros so that as many of our customers are not subjected currency effects. The prices include all taxes (SWICO recycling, VAT), but excluding expenses of preparation or delivery. The delivery expenses of the order shall be indicated prior to the final confirmation of the order. reserves the right to modify without prior notice and at any moment the prices and other fees published on However, the products will be billed to the customer based on the rates in effect at time of order validation.

The customer profits of the prices quoted by each items applicable in the country to which he may specify a shipping address.

Article 5 : Product representation

The company DirectElectronique GmbH presents on its Products Website to be sold with the necessary characteristics, however all indications provided (product descriptions, illustrations and photos, films, dimensions, weight, technical specifications, accessories, and other data) are provided for information purposes only and are not contractual offers. DirectElectronique GmbH further assumes no responsibility for the content of external web pages on its website.

Article 6 : Secure payments

The product order or several products involves a settlement in advance the amount of the order by payment card VISA or Mastercard only, the order will be recorded and confirmed upon acceptance by the payment system.

Payment is made on an external secure server by, no sensitive information is transferred in a non secure way. The server is in encrypted mode and all the data transmitted are encoded to prevent unauthorized access of a third party customer data. Since 1 January 2013 a 3D Secure authentication is required, the customer must indicate in addition a personal identification code which can be either a code sent by SMS, the password to access his bank or a combination of his card contact information. If he does not know the mechanism of identification, he can check with his bank. (See also: Secure payments).

The company DirectElectronique GmbH has implemented an order verification procedure to insure no one is using the bank details of another person without his knowledge. As part of this audit, it will ask the customer to send e-mail to the company a copies of identity documents and proof of address. The order will be confirmed after receipt and verification by us of parts delivered.

DirectElectronique GmbH is not responsible in any way for possible bank charges payment from the customers bank.

Article 7 : Delivery and Shipping (see table costs, deadlines and delivery area)

Shipping costs are automatically calculated during validation of your order, on the basis of the delivery country, weight, volume and the tariffs of the carrier. These fees are supported by the customer.

Deliveries shall be made according the goods, by post or by the shipping service mandated by DirectElectronique GmbH. Shipments are made in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Monaco and and mainland Europe.

DirectElectronique GmbH does not deliver its parcels in post office box and does not deliver goods to a minor customer or under trusteeship, unless written permission from parents or guardian.

Any in-stock item is normally shipped within 48 business hours (weekends and public holidays excluded). The delivery times and costs are always clearly indicated in the order, the Information on duration of the delivery are non-binding.

In the event DirectElectronique GmbH is unable to deliver the ordered goods within 30 days (release date warehouses), the customer can cancel the order by an email with the reference of the order, the order paid by the customer will be refunded in full settlement thus settling all accounts, with no amount remaining to be claimed on any other grounds.

DirectElectronique GmbH reserves the right to cancel an order accepted them, without having to give the reasons for the customer. In this case, claim of the customer with regard to DirectElectronique GmbH is limited to the refund of amounts paid.

Upon receipt, the client will check the general appearance of the packaging of the product delivered, without delay to exclude obvious defects in material and workmanship, as well as transport damage. According to the law, the customer is obliged to notify DirectElectronique GmbH any defect or abnormality affecting the delivered goods to enable it to remedy.

Article 7.1 : Problem of delivery

The products are delivered to the delivery address provided by the customer order. in the event of error in the addressees details, DirectElectronique GmbH will not be held responsible for failure in which it could be to complete the delivery.

DirectElectronique GmbH will not be held responsible for costs related to the return of unclaimed parcels, including in the event that La Poste or carrier appointed by him does not file delivery notice and the possible redirection of these costs are borne by the customer. Before forwarding, DirectElectronique GmbH may ask the client to pay advance costs thereof.

In the case of a return of the parcel at the premises of DirectElectronique GmbH following an impossibility of delivery of the latter (exceeded postal delay, address incorrect, etc ...), the customer is automatically notified by an email sent to the email address specified in the command. Without news of the customer in a period of 3 months from sending email, DirectElectronique GmbH is released from its obligation to deliver the goods and the amount of the order will be retained by DirectElectronique GmbH as liquidated damages and the cost of settling claims for the relevant order.

Article 7.2 : Postal delivery delay

In case of non receipt of a package within the time specified, an investigation was conducted with the carrier and may take several days. In this period, no refund or return can be made.

However, it is possible, as in any sending, that he can have a delay in delivery there or that the product gets lost. In case of late delivery from the date that was specified in the mail from, DirectElectronique GmbH request him to report the delay in sending him an email. DirectElectronique GmbH then contacts the Post office to make start an inquiry. A postal enquiry can take 30 days from the start of the procedure. If during this period, the product is found, it will be immediately forwarded to the customers home (most cases). If on the other hand the product is not found at the conclusion of delay of 30 days of inquiry, the Post office considers the parcel as lost. It is only then that DirectElectronique GmbH will send you a new replacement product at its expense.

If the ordered products were no longer available at this time, DirectElectronique GmbH refunds the amount of products affected by the loss of carrier. DirectElectronique GmbH disclaims any responsibility for the longer delivery times because of carrier, especially in case of loss of products or strike.

Article 8 : Guarantee

Our products are new and have a limited warranty of one year from the date of your package receipt. Beyond this period, DirectElectronique GmbH not accepts claims. In the case of the existence of an extended warranty manufacturer (3 years, 5 years to see life) to these cases DirectElectronique GmbH show the listings on the duration of the extended warranty.

In case of delivery of a data carrier or a product that contains a data memory, it must in any event expect a total data loss. The customer is himself responsible for the proper data backup. DirectElectronique GmbH assumes no responsibility for any data loss.

The guarantees by DirectElectronique GmbH do not come into account in the following cases :
  • The incidents device wear and tear.
  • The incidents or inappropriate use other than that for which the unit was manufactured or failures affecting not conforming to those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Damage caused by corrosion, incorrect connection, a power problem, impact, a fall, moisture, dust, subjected to temperatures or improper weather conditions or any other use not conforming to requirements the manufacturer.
  • Terminals into which dust or water has entered or exposed to inadequate temperatures or atmospheric conditions.
  • Failure to comply with manufacturers instructions or recommendations.
  • Devices where improper or illegal software or firmware is installed or internal modification of the chipset by the injection of a patch or other program.
  • Mild deficiencies in software that do not affect its proper functioning.
  • Computer equipment that has been connected to accessories not supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Terminals that have been connected to inadequate voltages.
  • Repairs and damage to the unit after repair by attempted repair by anyone other than a authorized by the manufacturer, or temporary repairs or makeshift repairs, and the consequences of the possible aggravation of the resulting damage.
  • In case of dead pixels on TVs and monitors, the warranty is applicable only from a certain quantity of dead pixels. This quantity is defined by the manufacturers warranty terms.
  • For computers, hard drives, USB sticks, and other storage media, It is up to the user to make backups of data on it at regular intervals. In case of a failure, these devices will be exchanged or repaired by the manufacturers warranty, but the data will not be recovered.
If a manufacturer offers a direct warranty support service with the final beneficiary of a product purchased on, DirectElectronique GmbH can not substitute the manufacturers warranty.

Article 9 : Returns or exchange of goods

Before you return a product purchased due to defect or nonconformity covered by the warranty DirectElectronique GmbH, the client must make a prior request to the Customer Service and get such service a return number authorized (RMA) and instructions on the procedure for the return.

Returned Goods do will not be accepted if it is not in its original packaging or the return of the goods is not preceded by an authorized RMA from customer service from DirectElectroniqu GmbH.

Upon receipt of the RMA, the customer has a period of 10 days to return the defective product at DirectElectronique GmbH. After this time, any return will be refused. The return in conformance with the warranty, the sending is chargeable to the customer and at its risks, the shipping costs for the new item is the chargeable of DirectElectronique GmbH.

For defective products returned by the customer in accordance with the procedure provided in this section, DirectElectronique GmbH is limited to the Exclusive choice of:
  • either, to repair at his own expense the product within a reasonable time.
  • either, process replacing the product with a standard replacement or by providing an equivalent product.
  • either, refund the customer the amount paid for the order.
A warranty repair does not prolong the warranty period - neither for the replaced parts nor for the device.

The address where return products is as follows:

DirectElectronique SAV Europe
Calle Opalo 3, Edificio 8, 1°C
29749 Alamayate Bajo (Valle Niza)

Article 10 : Right of withdrawal

The products must then be returned only complete devices returned in original packing unopened will be only accepted, accompanied by the delivery order, within 14 days after receipt, the cost of return and the return of the responsibility is to the customer.

Any return must be beforehand indicated with the Customer service of the company by e-mail. The product must have returned to Registered Mail from our Customer Service department:

DirectElectronique SAV Europe
Calle Opalo 3, Edificio 8, 1°C
29749 Alamayate Bajo (Valle Niza)

The product is controlled by the internal services of DirectElectronique GmbH who will validate or not the refund, including by checking that the product has been returned complete and in a state appropriate for their remarketing.

If the goods comply with return requirements, the customer will then be refunded by crediting his bank account (secure transaction) if paid by credit card.
If the goods do not satisfy the above conditions, they will be sent back to the customer, who will not be entitled to a refund.

Article 11 : protection of personal data

The information contained in our files are limited to data necessary for customer service and order management in strict accordance with the Federal Data Protection Law (Datenschutzgesetz, DSG) and the rules of ethics. All personal data is considered confidential. Directelectronique GmbH does not transmit customer data to third parties.

The client can request the modification or deletion of his data against information regarding indicating their name and email address at

Article 12 : Cookie technology

DirectElectronique GmbH reserves the right to analyze all the data collected during visits to its Website and use the information on the purchasing behavior in an anonymous form for statistical purposes. A cookie can not DirectElectronique GmbH identify the visitor; however, it records information relating to navigation of the computer on its website (pages visited, date and time of consultation etc ...) that DirectElectronique GmbH can read during subsequent visits. DirectElectronique GmbH informs visitors that it may oppose the registration of cookies by configuring their browser menu "Tools" and "options".

Article 13 : Applicable law

The present general conditions of sale, as well as any sale to which they apply, are subject to Swiss law. Any litigation or dispute arising from or in connection with these general conditions of sale or with any sale to which they apply will be settled in accordance with Swiss law, whether the claim is based in contract or in tort or upon any other legal foundation. The application of the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded. In case of dispute, only the French version shall be valid.

Article 14 : Legal responsibility

All users of this website must ensure that sending of products by at no time constitutes a violation of laws and regulations in force in their country of residence.

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